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Delivering holistic and personalized care experience

Reimagining patient experience with human-centric design

Human-centric Design

At HealthNxt, we start with the human at the center and build out technologies to help improve their experiences. It shows in the way our product is adopted by patients, families, and clinicians. We believe this is a powerful way to understand evolving behaviors, preferences, and pain points and to focus our efforts effectively. By unlocking the user’s perspective, our designers build solutions that work well and work widely in our new reality—whatever that ultimately looks like.

Our Design Values


Solves the right problem

Everything is a system

Small, simple interventions

Patient Experience

HealthNxt’s human-centered design foundation has emulated world-class, in-person physical encounters into the virtual world with a scalable and enterprise model.

HealthNxt enables you to not only compete with established brands but exceed your customer expectations when it comes to the ideal healthcare experience. 

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