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Leading the way with a virtual care platform

Extending care outside of the hospital with a virtual platform that empowers both providers and patients.

Our scalable, world-class virtual care platform empowers patient-provider communication via escalating digital modalities.

Virtual care that can be customized to the patient and the clinical scenario – from push notifications to RPM to telehealth and hospital-at-home 

For Patients

HealthNxt is a premier telehealth solution. When you are sick or need routine non-emergency care without leaving the comfort of your home, our app makes it easier to access the symptom checker to review the possible causes of your condition and connect with a qualified provider. You can also access your medical record, request prescription(s), insurance, and billing information anytime and anywhere.

For Care Providers

Follow up with patients and optimize your practice efficiently to provide the best patient-centered virtual care and education with our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Access to patients’ medical records, financials, and medication prescriptions on a single platform – available anytime, anywhere.

Enabling conversational healthcare with a convenient, care-focused platform

Omnichannel Telemedicine


Tech that integrates to EHR systems

Virtual Visits

Appointment Reminders

AI-enabled Virtual Triage (Symptom checker)

Platform Benefits

Better clinical outcomes

Reduces waiting time for patients

Convenient option for seniors

Lower total cost of care

Increased revenue

Reduced demand from on-site staff

HealthNxt worked to stand up our RPM solution with great speed. This type of nimbleness is key to care delivery transformation.

Aric Sharp

Chief Transformation Officer, Integris Health 

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